Marianna Hanefeld, President

Steve Hutchins, Co-President
Susan Carter, Vice President

Michael Kelly, Vice President #2
Clinton Roberts, Vice President #3
Connie Mahugh, Secretary
Priscilla Vargus, Treasurer

Betsy Dunbar
Madelyn Carlson

Ann Kennedy

Karen Parkhurst
Colleen Kuhn

Kelly Scalf
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Angie Coulter, Executive Director
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CTANW Committees & Workgroups

Members and partners are welcome to join and lead CTANW's Committees & Work Groups. Log-In to learn more about current committees. Current CTANW Committees include:

  • RideSourceNW Steering Group
  • Summit Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Finance Committee





Who We Are

Community Transportation Association of the Northwest provides our members, partners and communities with tools, resources and information, and advocates for favorable policies and practices so they can provide equal opportunities and mobility and transportation options for all people, particularly those with specialized transportation needs. Initially founded in 1978, Community Transportation Association of the Northwest is a membership-based organization, encompassing nonprofit, for-profit and public transportation providers, as well as Medicaid brokers, planning organizations, service agencies (such as senior centers), and other partners all specializing in and embracing providing transportation to individuals and families with specialized transportation needs throughout Washington State and the Northwest region.

Together, our members are responsible for and committed to connecting the most vulnerable people in our communities to resources, services, employment, hospitals, education and more. We provide educational opportunities, collaborative networking opportunities and aid in the research and development of best practices in the field.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring together organizations, agencies, groups and individuals engaged in providing, developing and sustaining community transportation programs to enhance mobility and equalize opportunity for people with a variety of specialized transportation needs.

Our Vision

We envision safe, affordable, high quality, competent, accessible, multi-modal transportation options available to all people, regardless of age, income or ability, throughout 100% of the Northwest region.

Our Goals

We strive to achieve our mission and realize our vision by:

  • Advocating for adequate resources to meet the mobility needs of riders;
  • Promoting coordination among CTANW members and related organizations, agencies and groups;
  • Providing education and technical assistance to CTANW members and related organizations, agencies, and groups; and
  • Promoting professional growth by establishing and maintaining professional practices among specialized transportation service providers.

Our Core Beliefs

Our collaboration, education and advocacy programs are guided by our core beliefs and values.

  • Utilization of a whole person approach is fundamental
  • All mobility capacities are part of the human experience
  • Transportation is a basic right
  • The special needs transportation industry has a unique and distinct role
  • Creating an accessible system for people of all mobility needs will raise the bar for everyone

Our Values

Our underlying values include: Independence, Accessibility, Efficiency, Partnerships, Safety, Opportunity, Personal Choice + Responsibility

Our Association's Guiding Principles

Our approach to others and our relationships among ourselves are guided by the following:

Customer services, collaboration, coordination and relationships are more important than profits, and are keys to seeing our vision become a reality. Collaboration is for community benefit.

Our ability to educate ourselves and each other allows us to effectively cooperate towards our shared goals.  

Members are respected, honored and acknowledged in their fields of expertise. While we may be implementing different parts of the specialized transportation spectrum, each of us brings important knowledge, skills and experience to the table. We rely on the subject matter experts within our membership.

Meaningful, solution-oriented dialogue will allow us to overcome any obstacles.

Utilization of a “Vision & Values” approach underscores our approach. While we may respectfully “agree to disagree” on some issues, we believe we can reach greater consensus by ensuring our words and actions are reflected in and derived from our shared values and vision. 

No one is an island. If an issue is impacting one of our members, it is likely to impact our entire spectrum of services in some way.

Interdependence is how we view statewide and systemic issues. We recognize each of our individual successes is made more complete by the success of others.

The fair distribution of resources should be balanced by choice, available options and personal responsibility.

Your opinion, regardless of popularity, matters to the organization. Your voice carries equal weight, and your experience has value and worth.