CTANW Insurance Cohort Members:

  • Advanced Mobility
  • Advantage Transport
  • AJ Medical Transportation
  • American Medical Transit
  • American Service Medicar Co
  • ATS Trans, LLC
  • Clark Medical Transportation
  • Easy Access
  • Easy Ride
  • Golden Chariot Specialty Transport Service, LLC
  • Greater Oregon Secure Transport
  • Green Cab of Oregon
  • JB Medical Transportation
  • Joy Transportation
  • MedCoach
  • MedTran, LLC
  • Mercy 1 Transportation 
  • Mercy Med Transit
  • Mick's Wheelchair & Medical Transportation
  • Pacific Medical Transport
  • Pioneer Guest Home
  • Pioneer Street Cab
  • Precious Cargo Washington, Inc.
  • Provide A Ride
  • Rainier Dispatch and Far West Taxi
  • Safe Transportation, Inc.
  • Safety One Specialty Transport, LLC
  • Sky Harbor Shuttle
  • Sound Cabulance
  • Sovereign Medical Transport
  • The Patty Wagon, Inc.
  • TLC Wheelchair Services, Inc.
  • Transportation Solutions
  • Travel Aide
  • VanTrans Services, LLC
  • Wapato Shores
  • WAV Transport
  • Wenatchee Mobility Service
  • Woodland Wheelchair Service, Inc.

If you would like to join the CTANW Insurance Cohort, you can still sign-up by December 14th! 

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CTANW Insurance Cohort

The CTANW Insurance Cohort is designed to bring together community and specialized transportation providers as a group to promote best practices, increase safety and passenger service, and ultimately, decrease insurance rates for community and specialized transportation providers. The CTANW Insurance Cohort is co-facilitated by Jake Oja, Biggs Insurance and CTANW's Executive Director. 

 Employees  Vehicles  ,Trips Each Year  Premiums  Cohort
 564  683  17,143,527 miles  $2,988,748  40 Members


Update on Next Steps: CTANW Insurance Cohort Group members are invited to join a teleconference on Friday, December 14th from 9:00-11:00. This meeting's focus is for each of the members to vote on the criteria for carrier selection (I.E. provides training, open enrollment dates, etc.). Once the Cohort decides on the carrier criteria, CTANW's Executive Director and Jake Oja will prepare a portfolio to take to the insurance market. The current deadline for carrier outreach is January 11th. Once the carrier has been selected, the goal is to have the program open in March 2019. If members or potential members have any questions, please email us at info@ctanw.org.

  • CTANW Insurance Cohort Meetings
    CTANW Insurance Cohort meets quarterly to share best practices in safety and risk reduction. Meetings are held in person or via teleconference as part of the CTANW Membership Meetings. Click here to see the next meeting time. 

  • CTANW Insurance Cohort Participation Guidelines/Elibility Requirements
    Click here to see the CTANW Insurance Cohort's Participation Guidelines/Eligibility Requirements

  • CTANW Insurance Cohort Disclosures, Disclaimers & Notifications
    Click here to see the CTANW Insurance Cohort's disclosures, disclaimers and notifications. 

For questions or more information, please email us at info@ctanw.org.